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Why Take Latin?



Latin Language Links

  • Whitaker's Words - The best online Latin-English and English-Latin dictionary - use this if you need to find a particular word!

  • No Dictionaries - A great site that lets you read Latin with interlinear vocabulary. The best part: you can set how many words you want to see! Use this if you're sick of flipping to the dictionary all the time.
  • Nuntii Latini - All the news fit to print (and speak!) in Latin! If you're feeling adventurous, see if you can understand what the heck these crazy Finns are talking about (advanced level of Latin required).

Cambridge Latin Links

  • Magister Carruth's Help Page - links to online activities and other ways to get help with the Cambridge Latin Course.
  • CSCP Online Activities - practice your vocabulary and grammar skills, get help with the stories and test your understanding, or visit online links about Roman culture. NB: These activities now require a yearly subscription!

Texts and Translations


  • Free Rice - See how well your Latin is helping your English vocabulary, and donate rice to hungry people for free while you're at it.

Miscellaneous Latin Links

  • Vicipaedia - Wikipedia in Latin!
  • Imperial History - an animated map of expansion and decline of world empires over time... note especially the Roman and Byzantine empires.